Wildcards in FQDN


I am quite new in pfsense and in networking in general. I am trying to simulate a real enviroment using virtual box as my hypervisor, pfsense as my router/firewall and a couple more VMs that contains the application as containerized services. I would like to monitor application metrics and VMs metrics via Azure Monitor Service, for that purpose I have installed Log Analytics agent on these VMs.

As firewall requirements microsoft gives the following table:

Agent Resource Ports Direction Bypass HTTPS inspection
*.ods.opinsights.azure.com Port 443 Outbound Yes
*.oms.opinsights.azure.com Port 443 Outbound Yes
*.blob.core.windows.net Port 443 Outbound Yes
*.azure-automation.net Port 443 Outbound Yes

Unfortunately I haven’t found how to enter a URL or FQDN including the wildcard character *.

Any idea how I could implement such requirements ? Any help would be welcome.

Thank you in advanced

By default pfsense does not block any outbound so there is nothing to there and unless you setup SSL inspection there is nothing to do. The alias system in pfsense does not support wildcards such as *.