WiFi Traffic Distribution Colors on Unifi Dashboard

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What do the colors under WiFi Traffic Distribution represent on the UNIFI Dashboard?


From my understanding, it seems to be about the quality of service on the channel. If there is a lot of traffic or interference it goes pale green/yellow. Then orange. Not sure if there is anything worse, maybe red? The darker green is near perfect service. If I am a bit off, I am sure someone can correct me. My 2.4 gets a ton of interference from surrounding homes, so it rarely is anything but that pale green/yellow color. 5ghz varies depending on what access point everything in the house decides to use and who is using it.

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+1 for @Prophet4NO1 's answer. It is certainly affected by interference, not sure if other things affect it or not but I wouldn’t be worried by light green over dark green. If you get to yellow or red then start investigating.