Wifi signal issues

Im having a weird issue with my laptop, sometimes wifi gets disconnected for 10,15 mins even if im sitting near the router, should these https://appuals.com/best-wifi-extenders/ fix my issue? I think the wifi chip on my laptop went bad.

If the WiFI in your laptop goes bad, an extender won’t help.

Like Tom has alluded to, change out your wifi card. They’re so cheap that it is not worth your time trying to figure that out. And due to their typical location on the motherboard, they’re subjected to significant heat-soak, over the course of their life, so just replacing the wifi card with a known good one should be your first course of action.

Based on experience I recently had (there’s a thread on this forum), test the wifi card by booting on a live usb of ubuntu and test the wifi connectivity. We thought our card was dead but it was fine - the issue was with Dell’s distro of ubuntu. Our fix was to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Purging the system of Dell’s spin fixed multiple issues.

Bottom line: find a way to confirm the wifi card is bad before ordering a new one.

If your sitting near the router and still losing connection an extender or additional access point wont help. First try and uninstall the wifi driver you can do that in device manager if the pc is windows based. uninstall and reboot and windows should reinstall the driver.

Likeliness of wifi chip going bad…not likely but not impossible

Sort of thinking this laptop is windows 10, I have seen a few random wifi issues.

When you lose wifi connection, scan for wifi device and see if the router is still broadcasting the SSID.

Is it just your wifi connection? Check if the router is still operational. What about wired connections? Some consumer routers will periodically stop broadcasting it’s SSID yet wired works fine.