Wifi router or Wired router and AP

I decided to keep it simple would only use QoS to help with bufferbloat.

But need more than the standard 4 LAN port on wifi routers.

Should I get a Ubiquiti Edgerouter 12 $250 and the Unifi nanoAP $179

or should I get the All in one with 6 to 8 LAN ports like:

Asus AC88U $230, AX88U $335, ROG AC5300 $270
Netgear X8 $290

Anyone know if QoS enable on any of those system is not gonna drop the output by like 40% which one should stay close to the ISP speed.


I would go pfsense and the UniFi nanoAP

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I’ll second what Tom said. Find an old rig, set up pfSense and grab the NanoAP, or another model if needed.

If you’re an IT pro, use what you would use at the office. Then you can test stuff at home before you try it in production/for a client.

If you need more LAN ports use a switch, that’s what their designed for. The Unifi switch 8-60w is $110 and will power your AP with poe.

But you can power only 1AP right? I bought a cloudkey and Unifi switch 8-60W but the switch can’t power up the cloudkey which is weird. Then after using a POE injector the cloudkey starts working…

The 8-60W does not do 802.3at or passive 24

Do you have the cloudkey plugged into the correct port, ports 5-8, and is poe enabled? That switch can do 802.3af which the cloudkey, new and old, run off. You should be able to power 4 802.3af devices off that switch without any problems.

PfSense + decent managed switch with POE, budget in the amount of POE devices you’re going to use to ensure the switch has enough power

Is it plug and play? I can’t get the AP’s nor the cloudkey to boot activate the LED…

I don’t remember what the default is. Click on the ports tab of the switch and see if it looks like this.

If ports 5-8 don’t say PoE you’ll have to edit the port and enable it. Don’t forget to click apply if you need to change it.

If PoE is enabled you should be able to just plug and compatible device in and it will get power.

I prefer a wired router.
QoS does not help with bufferbloat. It helps to get some traffic before the rest, but you will have the buffer full with all the other traffic.
If you have PFSENSE or similar firewall use CODELQ traffic shaper instead. If you want use QoS, but I find QoS unnecessary.


I would do more testing but it seem that when I forwarded in the YouTube app there was no loading almost instant play back.