WiFi for 1000 Users


We need to setup a temporary WiFi network for 1 night for 1000 People.
Usage wil be an kahoot quiz, so not that much internet usage I think.

Which devices do we need? Can we do this with ubiquiti and so with which devices.
Which firewall do we use? Can we use a next generation UXG Pro or do we need a pfsense for these number of people?

Thx in advance!

The usage for the quiz isn’t the issue, it’s all the other things still running on the users laptops while they are on your wifi. Many of the internet performance issues I’ve dealt with came just from a bunch of iDevices syncing up to iCloud. You are also going to want a high antenna count on your APs to support as many simultaneous client connections as you can.

I would not rely on UXG Pro for that many users, use a pfsense and a few UniFi HD model access points.

@LTS_Tom Thanks for your input! Do you have any idea which pfsense model? like the 6100?

Thx in advance!

The 6100 should work fine depending on the connection speed needed.