Wifi Channels for range (unifi)

Hello Everyone,

I have limited knowledge on this but working on growling it.

Are there any specific channels which provide a general advantage to range of Wifi. Thorughput is not a concern to me, just range and reliability.

Looking into Tx Power it seems that in europe that 23dBm is the maximum allowed on certain channels. The U6LR has amax Tx Power of 26dBm and so I wondered if that was only used on certain channels.

Has Tom or anyone else done a video on setting up a wifi for range and reliability?

Thanks in advanced guys.

The best channel will always be the one with the least interference. There is an option for many of their access points to run a RF environment scan to determine where the noise is in your area.

To state the obvious: Generally speaking and greatly simplified, the lower the frequency, the “farther” a wireless signal travels. Meaning 2.4 GHz is “better” than 5 GHz WiFi in this regard.

I’m running the TP-Link Omada controller for my AP, just updated the software to 5.5.6 and noticed this.

From the update, it seems the optimum channel is going to be determined! I wonder what happens when all the houses are running the same controller, how the optimum is selected !

Thanks for the replies here,

The mesh wifi concerned it mobile and deployed in new areas on a regular basis. To that end I always leave things on auto and let Uniif workout the best channels and generally have good results.

I was mainly wanting to understand how the U6LR can have a Tx power above 23dBm whilst meeting EU regulations of max power of 200 mW. I was jumping to the idea that it might be something to do with channels.