Wifi Baby Camera

Is anyone aware of any good wifi baby cameras that don’t need a WAN connection to work? I’ve tried two different brands already, Safety 1st and Owlet. Both require a WAN connection on both devices (camera and phone) to work. That’s unacceptable to me as I don’t want video of my child going to a remote server. Additionally, the Safety 1st device appeared to be sending my SSID (on my camera and phone) to an AWS server to verify I was on the same network.

Ideally, I’d like to do what I have with my Phillips Hue: The baby monitor on my IOT vLAN to be controlled from my phone on my main LAN.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good wifi enabled baby monitor? Or am I better off just getting the classic audio only baby monitor that lets me listen in my neighbors?

A UniFi camera in stand alone mode does not require and internet connection.

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That’s brilliant, Tom.

I Made my own with UniFi video. And a g3
Micro unifi cam. Bought a raspberry pi with a screen and audio. The raspberry is playing a RSTP stream from the unifi video system. It’s not cheap but the video quality is so much better than those baby monitoring systems in the store.I can also watch the streams on my phone, computer, laptop and when I am not at home when my wife and kid is. If you want I can share the service code i created that plays the stream. I am not sure but I think you can also do stand alone on the micro with the RSTP and not unifi video.

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That’s a pretty sweet setup, costs not withstanding. Tho I’m sure most of us have a Pi3 roaming around somewhere. I’d be interesting in giving it a go, but I am only one vote.

If you’re on a budget, an ESP32-CAM might be worth looking into. iirc, the first google hit is a decent how-to video. More work to set up, but lower cost overall.