Wierd DHCP issue with VM on XCP-NG

I have a server running xcp-ng and I spun up a new VM running Ubuntu 20.04 but am having a wierd DHCP issue. I want this VM to have a static IP address and the way I typically do that is by making a DHCP reservation on my DHCP server and letting the machine continue to obtain it’s IP information from the DHCP server.

However for this machine this was not working and it appears that my DHCP server (which is a windows server 2012 AD machine running DHCP) is seeing the incorrect MAC address and thus my reservation is failing.

The following is a screenshot from my leases on the DHCP server:

The second entry is the new VM and it appears that the MAC address that it is using is some sort of UUID instead of a MAC address.

Has anyone seen this before? Is this just a one time error or is their perhaps a setting I’m missing. Also is their a way to see what xcp-ng thinks is the UUID of the network interface on a VM? I’m assuming that is what I am seeing. The UUID of the interface instead of the MAC address.

For what it is worth if I scan my network with a tool like Angry IP scanner or similar then it sees the correct MAC address. It only appears that the DHCP server is seeing this wierd value.


I have never had that issue. You can get the correct MAC address for a VM in Xen Orchestra under the network settings.