Wi-Fi network problem

Hi, I really don’t know where to ask for help, this is why I’m bothering you all here…

I live in a flat and I have a fiber connection to my pfsense firewall. The firewall has a managed switch and I have some pc wired to it an also a Netgerar router with built in wi-if that is set in access point mode. I use all day long a pc that’s cabled connected to the switch and I don’t have any problems or single packet loss. But with my Wi-Fi devices every night I have to put them in flight mode and reconnect back to my WiFi bucasse suddenly they stop working and not all at the same time…how can I resolve this annoying problem?

A guess would be there is something wrong with the Netgear wifi. Try updating the firmware.

It should be already up-to-date but I’ll take a look. What can I do if the firmware is already up-to-date? I tried changing WiFi channel but it didn’t help. Living in a flat where there’s a lot of WiFi interference from other apartments is there a preferred channel combination to set the AP?

I checked and the firmware is up-to-date…… don’t know what to look for at this point😊 any help?

I would if possible see if you can locate another WiFi ap. I had a WiFi problem once it was 100% just a bad ap.

Just curious but did you check the wifi router for updates or the Netgear website? I found that while my Netgear Nighthawk MS/MR60 devices said there were no updates available, there were two sitting on the Netgear website, both that mentioned wifi connectivity in the release notes.

This sounds like DHCP lease issues actually, if you have to turn off wifi and back on again every day.

Are you sure your wireless router is in ap mode ? Should be plugged in from say port 1 on LAN port of Linksys and then to a switch port, did you disable the DHCP server on the Linksys router ?

One of the WiFi Device that’s experiencing the problem has a static ip reserved from the pfsense dhcp server. The wireless router I’m sure it’s working in AP mode and its DHCP server is disabled.
I have to switch off and back on the WiFi on the device (phone or tablets) not at the AP level

What kind of device is it ?

I have that problem with iPhones and iPads I can’t test a window pc because I don’t have one. Also a Mac book pro when connected via wireless does the same. I think the problem is due to the many WiFi network from other apartments…I think they interfere in some way. If this would be the cause I don’t know how to face the problem….

I checked on the official website and for my model D7000 the lates available firmware is and it’s the same firmware I have installed on my device