"Wi-Fi doesn't have valid IP configuration"

So, at a specific location when i use the wifi there I always get the error
“Wi-Fi doesn’t have valid IP configuration”.
Following that error I have to launch command prop as administrator and do netsh winsock reset followed by netsh int ip reset. Then I restart my computer and all is well. What can I do so that I don’t have to do this every time?

? Swap the AP for another and see if the problem moves ?

  • If it does then reset the AP and see if that fixes it
  • Of not then it sounds like a switch config issue

Give that a go.

If it only happens with this device, then I would be focusing on the device and its wifi card.

And rather than fighting with wifi cards, I tend to just replace them to confirm/disconfirm hypothesis.

You could also do this with a wifi dongle, and disabling your primary wifi card, if accessing your device is a PITA.

That error tends to occur with the device, not the network equipment, so focus on your device and start ruling things out.

Last night when I got home and connected my laptop to my router via cat 6 cable like I do normally, my laptop threw an error saying Ethernet 3 doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.

Okay…if you have other devices that can connect to your router successfully, then there is an issue with your PC. I would not track it down…I would re-install the OS.

Download ubuntu desktop, dump it to a memory stick, boot the live version and see if it works.

If it does then it’s your OS / Drivers
If not then it’s probably your hardware
(but I’d probably still try a re-install)

I’ll try a reinstall.