Wi-Fi and ethernet leave both on or disable Wi-Fi

If a computer desktop that has capability of being either hard wired or wireless and you connected by wire, I feel the best practice would be to disable the Wi-Fi on the device ( It is a desktop not a laptop). This is an a corporate setting the Wi-Fi is on a different VLAN than the wired LAN, I feel it’s a waste of IP addresses to have them both connected and airtime fairness and for the AP to keep up with the device if it has a wired connection. Just wanted to see what thoughts were out there.

I disable the Wifi if there is an option for wired connection. If windows accidentaly choose the Wifi path, then you will have a decrease in speed.

Personally I doubt that the end users would notice if they no longer had wifi access. I’d disable it just on the grounds of security.

Not sure what type of motherboard you have some newer ones for example an Asrock X570 I built for a client recently, had a nice Wireless Intel NIC that I removed and reused in a notebook. Just another option! Check your motherboard and documentation your mileage mary vary…

I’m surprised no one mentioned that you can change the connection priority so that if wired then no wifi. If not wired then wifi.

Read through the comments on this networking - Make Windows 10 connect/disconnect to WiFi based on Ethernet connection status - Super User

Or go to this one which seems to go over the same thing but explains the powershell stuff better How to change the priority order of network adapters on Windows 10 | Windows Central

Never tried this on win10, but I had to set this up on win7 for my brother because they had odd conditions at his work. Let us know if this works. I may set this up on my laptop at home, would be useful there.

This approach is not efficient, as the wifi card will maintain the connection to access point, using its resources.