Wi-Fi 6E Router Recommendation

Does anyone have recommendations for a Wi-Fi 6E, router or access point that is supported on Openwrt?

Thanks in advance!

@junfei28 Welcome!

Here is the list of OpenWrt officially supported 802.11ax devices, none of which are 6e.

I gave up on OpenWrt since they migrated to 21.x releases. OpenWrt became too unstable on my old Linksys WRT series routers and Marvell refuses to update their proprietary drivers to support WPA3.

If you don’t have any or few 6 Ghz clients, rather than paying the 6e premium, consider WiFi 6 (802.11ax) devices for more bang for the $.

I have two EWS377APv3 and one EWS357APv3 at my parents. There are several other OEMs (Netgear, Peplink, DrayTek, etc.) that sell the same device at a substantial markup and/or with crippled capability. Does support MESH, but I use a wired backhaul for better performance. The two 377s are configured with the same SSID on both frequencies, and clients seamlessly switch between APs and frequencies without dropping connection.