Why Google, Why? Nest Devices on Unify Hardware

Just posting to rant, I installed a Nest doorbell and two cameras at a clients home this weekend. He has Unify hardware that I installed during the summer which consists of two AP’s and Switch Lite 16 along with a Coudkey Gen 2 for managing. Shouldn’t have been more that a couple of hours for the install and config and turned out to be a 5 hour ordeal.

After setting up the doorbell and cameras they kept falling off the network and not reconnecting. Chatting with their support the person said they don’t support mesh networking or multiple AP’s unless it’s Google or Nest WiFi. I mentioned Ubiquity hardware and there were aware but there was nothing they could do. So much for support.

The solution I found was to turn off one of the AP’s and connect the nearest device to the network AP and then lock that device to that AP. And repeat. One has to wonder what would happen on other mesh based systems or if the homeowner tried to set these things up without good networking support?