Why are my switches offline

I have a netgear GS308E & a TL-SG108E both are connected to my Lan and were assigned new static IP address. However they are always offline DHCP leases but are passing info thru the vlan assigned to ports on the switches. as i have my camera Vlan working fine but i am unable to log into them.

Apologies in this is a rookie question but i tried everything rebooting etc.

When you say offline what do you mean ?

I use Netgear switches, I have found that if add a new vlan in pfSense, the switch doesn’t really like it when I add this new vlan. Instead, I need to reset the switch then add my vlans again.

It sounds like you might not have correctly configured the switch to me. I tend to configure the switch then connect it to pfsense, I’ve had problems in the past doing the opposite.

Thanks for the advice, i try resetting the switch and install the the vlans again. When it show offline in DHCP leases i cannot login into switch. Th esame thing happens with the TP switch.

Ok I see. I manually add in the IP address to the switch, then make an entry in the Services > DHCP Server > DHCP Static Mappings. Perhaps give that a go.

If you manually add the IP address to the switch, you do not have to make any changes to dhcp - static mappings.

Just make sure the IP address given to the switch is outside of the dhcp scope range