Who are you using for backup online storage?

I’m currently using Backblaze for msp360 and Synology for Synology NAS backups,
What are you guys using and why?

I am using linode. Price looked right and I already use linode for other things.

Backblaze for Truenas datasets when client does not have two locations.

Couple of clients have multiply locations then we use Truenas replication to backup the data

Client servers backup to Datto Siris units, which provide local server images , then replicated to the cloud

AWS. Amazon S3 Glacier to be exact. The only reason I use it is because I used to work there and I was being loyal to the company. Now that I no longer work there, I probably should investigate alternatives. But to be honest I don’t have that much data (less than a terabyte) and it only costs me like $1.50 a month.

I have old buckets in backblaze that I want to delete but they are object locked. The object lock is in governance mode, which should be able to be deleted. But I can’t figure it out. Does anyone know how to do it? I’m looked at Backblaze’s website and the info is terrible. Their support is a joke.

Backups are a rather simple thing to setup and I prefer FOSS software on Linux servers / cloud instances for that.
I am in charge of backing up around 200 servers and have used backuppc for a very long time to do that. I have recently switched to borgbackup, which is much faster and has crazy efficient compression and deduplication to save space. It is CLI based but is very easy to use if you have basic CLI knowledge.