Whitelabelling Products

So this is my first post but I’ve been a reader for some time. Many people here seem to be MSP shops or similar. I’m interested in what different businesses are doing with whitelabel products specifically. One of the most common i see is voip services of course. But other than that what products types out there are you guys seeing as not just profitable but worth the effort to connect with vendors, setup the branding, selling and supporting on a regular basis?

I personally often find myself simply reselling software and then selling a service of managing it for the customer. I’ve neve really sold much as if it were my own personal product. Recently I’ve been looking at getting into voip since i have experience supporting it already. But what else is there that you guys have experience with and recommend?

Catch 22 whitelabelling services.

If you whitelabel products you have to take responsiblity for when things go wrong - you can not really turn round as say it is the third party as you have whitelabel the service

Iif you do not witelabel then you can at least say it is the company providing the service and it is being looked at