White login page with wired adapter only

This is the strangest error I have seen in awhile. I have a Synology DS1817+ system that for all intents and purposes in running fine with only one strange behavior.

When I login to the DSM console via wifi it has no problems and logs me in. When I use a USB to ethernet cable connection it does not present the log in page but only a white screen which prevents login. This problem seems to follow the adapter even when placed in different computers. Connections over wired ethernet from the other Synology works fine.

Autoblock is disabled.

The other Synology works fine with both wired and wifi connections. The problem is specific to this one.

Curious if anyone had seen this before?


It is possible that the issue could be with the USB to Ethernet adapter, the cable, or the network configuration.So, you can try using a different USB to Ethernet adapter and cable to see if the problem still persists. Or check if the network configuration is set up correctly and if the IP address is being assigned to the adapter. Or check if there are any firmware updates available for the Synology system and the adapter. Also, you could try to reset the network configuration to default and reconfigure the network settings.

Thanks for the reply.

The plot gets thicker.

I swapped the USB to ethernet adapter. Now I can log into the synology box. But if I click on Control Panel or File Station the icons just cycle and never open up the windows to let me see the control panel or the respective file station window.

It’s weird.

Network settings are identical to other synology except for the fact that while both have their DNS non manually set the synology that is having the problem has their alternative DNS server be “2601:647:5600:194d:208:a2ff:fe0d:634b” with an IPv6 addess. They both share the same primary one at

For now I can just access the synology over wifi. It is a backup server.

Tempted to reformat the whole synology and see if the problem persists.

Thanks again.


Latest update resolved the issue. It was version Version: 7.1.1-42962 Update 4. Strange.