Which switch brands to stay away from?

Hello all,

I’m looking for a reliable, unmanaged 16-port Gbe switch. I know it’s a wide range, any brands with a history of problems? What do you guys like?

It’s going into a school with about 20 wifi devices per port, using 6 ports total. Not much data pumping through, mostly cell phone web research or laptops using office, maybe teacher chromecasting some youtube video.

Now that I write this out, should I be concerned with uplink bottleneck??

I have a really basic TP-Link unmanaged switch. No complaints here.

@xmemex Personally I recommend websmart / managed switches. I havent used their dumb switches, but I guess they should be good enough.

If you arent going to do anything fancy any decent switch from HP / TP-Link / Netgear should do the job. If you are going to have heavy usage. Go for something a bit more powerful.

If you are planning on VLAN etc, its better to plan now since you will have less redundant unusable hardware.

Is it possible to use a smart switch instead of unmanaged? Atleast for future proof and for you to avoid a lot of headache in the future… A TP-Link jetstream smart switches are very affordable and efficient to use.

Thanks for all the info. I was pleasantly surprised they went with a unifi switch.

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