Which software is Tom using to access desktops in XCPng?

Hello Tom, if you see this, I have been looking on your site but can’t remember the name of the software you are using to connect to the desktops you have in XCPng. I will use RDP for the win10 machines I have created but I like to have a few linux desktops running and wanted to try the software you are using. VNC works locally but just curious as to the options out there.

Thank you or anyone who knows and answers,

For command line I use SSH and for GUI access I user X2GO

How about XRDP which for Centos is in the EPEL repo (needs to be added). If you’ve tried both, which is better?

XRDP seems to be working for me on the few Linux machines I have running, but if X2GO is better and can have connections from a Windows machine, might be worth looking at for me.

Thank you very much, I had completely forgotten the name. thanks again.

Will look at xrdp also, thanks