Which Push/Pull Rod should I get?

Hello All,

I am at it again with another question because these answers are just invaluable for someone like me.

I am looking at these Push/Pull Rods and can’t make up my mind.

[Eclipse Tools 902-472 QuikStik Telescopic Push/Pull Rod with Hook, 18’]

[WireSpanner Plus Telescopic Pole Klein Tools SRS56036]

[Madison Electric Products MSRTP Telescopic Pole]

[Greenlee FP18 Wire Fish Pole, 18-Feet]

[Greenlee FP24 Wire Fish Pole, 24-Feet]

So what should I consider when I make the purchase of these rods?

They all look the same…

Does anyone have any experience that they would like to share on this Topic?

I am rooting for the Klien rod, but the Greelee is much longer.

Another Question Amazon or Ebay for these purchase? If you find a seller with enough favorites likes or high rating, I would feel much safer with this purchase at Ebay.

Amazon ig getting expensive with their taxes (If you are a prime member).

We have two kinds, a nice expensive set that is durable and good for most cases, and a bunch of $12 Harbor Freight/eBay cases that we use when we need to get creative. The Harbor Freight ones will break more easily, but you don’t have to worry about losing them, or leaving them somewhere, or getting one stuck.

I do a fair amount of cabling and haven’t had a need for the heavier set. Like @wizdum I just use the light weight set and can vouch that the cheap harbor freight set will get the job done most of the time.

In what application were you thinking the heavier rod would work better?