Which Netgate device for school

In a few weeks our school will get fibre internet so I may have the chance to uprgrade our old router which has PfSense on it. I was looking at the Netgate rackmount options XG-1537, XG-1541 and XG-7100, but I’m not shure which one of them is suited for our needs. We’re a school with 850 students. Normal use is to browse the web and watching (YouTube) videos. Maybe later we will add a plex server. Do you guys have any suggestions which one is the right one for us? Or just what is the difference between those devices besides their different throughput figures? Thanks for your help.

Contact their sales to help with the details, but with pfsense you get the same software and their throughput is different based on the hardware.

Oh, thanks. Short follow up question. When we want to build a High Availability Setup, do we need 2 boxes with the exact same hardware or can we our old router as the backup one?

If you like to run HA it’s better to go with 2x identical. Save you alot of trouble.

A XG-7100 is mostly fine for a school <1000 Students if you do not IPS or VPN.