Which laptop should I buy

I know this is not the right place to ask this question, but am totally confused what to for. Right now I am an computer system technology student and all my things run in windows but the thing is I am planning to switch to macos from years but failed every time because of this windows proprietary things.

Right now the main things which i run for my studies is vmware , all my study work in done in vm’s. So , I had just make up my mind to buy an thinclient to do this all stuff and buy an macbook for other things.

Here my main question is , after my studies will macbook be an good idea own as of I am planning to be an Netwok architect in future.

If anyone can help our suggest me that would be a great help for me…As do i go for a Macbook or just buy an windows laptop again??

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t go far wrong with any ThinkPad, buy a refurbished one, load linux on it with vmware. Done.


But what about macbook?? Should I buy one

Depends on your actual requirements, sure buy a macbook, doesn’t work out buy a Thinkpad.

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That’s what I am confused of my college recommends windows , but I think of switching to macos from years. So pursing an career in network architect does macbook sounds good ?

When you go into organisations it’s best to have kit that will run their software if you want to learn things in your own time, that won’t be macOS. Thinkpads are decent machines, runs vmware without any issues.

Your heart seems set on a mac buy one, if it doesn’t work out you’ll have got rid of that itch.


Yeah men I am big fan of macos :pleading_face:
That’s why I am asking this kind of silly questions.
Most of the time I love to use linux for my as a personal use I dont mind which os i use but for school thing I will need windows.
But then after my mind says you need to go for a mac :joy: I am literally using school laptop and not able to decide what to do.
But now i have an idea that i will buy an Thinclient for my home and in my school i will have their pcs to use.

But my question is macbook useful for the position which i am planning to be.

@LTS_Tom Can you say something on it ??

I don’t use MAC nor do I have an interest in using MAC or Windows, I run Linux.


Why are you so driven to get a Mac? What will it do for you that Windows or Linux will not do?

Look at the work it needs to do first and foremost, then if the stuff you want runs on OSX, then buy a Mac.

Out in the working world you may very well to “forced” to use what the company provides, a lot of that will be cost driven, not emotion based.

Not sure what your requirements are specifically, but I’ll only chime in on my experience with an M1X MBP – battery life alone – hands down is the best reason for this product. I literally can go for days without plugging it in if I don’t have to. MacOSX is a little quirky but you get used to it. If your assignment however require Windows/Powershell or other windows programs, I’d probably buy something else.

Windows on Arm should have been done a long time ago! They gave up trying to figure it out back with those first Surface tablets, and look at things now. Even the latest attempt with Broadcom is going down in flames, they need to make it support more processors and work on it more. Lots of good Arm SBC out right now, all those Rockchip processors that don’t require the binary blob like RasPi.

Thank you so much everyone now I have understood that according to my use case I don’t need to spend more or on macbook.

Should I go for this one ??
but I think I will have to upgrade the ram in near future

Usually those X1’s have soldered ram. If you have a strong back the P70’s have 4 ram slots, handy for running lots of vms.

I will say that I would want to find a 2.5k pixel wide display or higher resolution in my next laptop, the extra resolution can be useful and sometimes you can get them in 14 or 15 inch displays. 16GB of ram minimum and M.2 drive (I’m not so bothered by SATA vs NVME speeds).

Make sure you get at least a Generation 8 Intel processor (8000 series), older do not support Windows 11! For Adobe products you really want Gen 10, 11, or 12 processors as of the current specs. for their software. This is needed to get QSV functions, they have since changed the documents to remove the different generations listing, but I can tell you that it doesn’t really work on Gen 6 processors like they suggest. Works really well on our Gen 10 processors. Or you need an additional GPU (nVidia or AMD) to encode and decode the videos.

vmware has the ability to virtulise TPM, now I don’t know if a Windows11 will run in a vm when it can’t be installed on the host. Sounds like it shouldn’t but this was a feature I only noticed recently.

I don’t think XCP-NG has virtual TPM 2.0 yet :worried:

W11 will run on older, it’s the TPM at issue. I do not suggest the hacks to make it run on older, Microsoft could “patch” that function and suddenly no more boot.

I think TPM will be coming in XCP-NG version 8.3

Buy the MacBook.
You can run “Parallels Desktop” virtualiser to create Windows and/or Linux Virtual Machines. So all three operating systems on one computer. The Open Source “VirtualBox” may not run all VMs with the latest Apple Silicon Macs but they are working on it.
For remote working via a terminal program, the actual operating system is much less important than other things such as battery life, again the new MacBooks reign supreme.
Using the Command lIne in MacOS is much more similar to Linux than anything WindowsOS.
In MacOS and Linux you do updates when YOU want, not when Windows decides.
A 5 year old second hand MacBook will run the latest version of the operating system. A 5 year old PC more than likely won’t run Windows 11.
Of course there is much more choice in PC hardware which can be of great benefit if you spend the time researching the various prices, models, battery life, CPU and other support needed to run Windows.