Which drives for NAS?

WD Red Pro? WD Gold? Ironwolf?

I have used all of those and they have done well.

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Which is best for reliability?

That is hard to say, none we have installed have failed.

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If you go for RAID, avoid SMR type drives.

I think the SMR drives are just the normal WD reds.

But do I have to stick with what disks synology lists as compatible with each of their NASs?

For example, their 920+ and 1618+ list wed red pros and golds on the list. But the 1621+ doesn’t.
Why? Do I just strictly stick to their list per product?

You never mentioned your NAS, QNAP approve Seagate Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro.

If you are in a business the Ironwolf pro have a good warranty, super expensive.

If you are a home user then so what ? If you are willing to send your data back to the manufacturer then get an approved “NAS” one, if not then pays your money and takes your pick.

Personally I shuck Lacie or seagate external hard drives, while I encrypt my drives I don’t like the idea of my hdd not in my possession so I have 2 backups.

Synology NAS.


Ironwolf pro then they have longer warranties

Besides avoiding SMR any NAS 24x7 drives will do. I mostly used “IronWolf Pro” but before that used WD RED and never had bad experience with one or the other.

For SMR Info I recommend the read of the STH Article:

If you use something not approved for your NAS, you are on your own in case of problems. It’s a decision only you can take.

If they are supported, you might want to check Seagate Exos drives. For me they were cheaper than Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro, although they are the better ones (i.e. data center product line)

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