Which drives for a NAS?

I assume WD Reds?

It looks like WD is goofing around with CMR and SMR (ugh). regular, plus, and pro.
According to the Synology site they only show the pros as compatible.
However, I installed the regular reds (SMR) and they work. So i’m confused.

SMR will cause problems down the road. Seagate Ironwolf is what I go with on a budget. You can also find deals on EXOs on Amazon, but beware of OEM drives that don’t have manufacture warranties. It’s hit or miss.

While you can research and find out which Reds are CMR vs SMR, I personally am boycotting WD as long as they’re mixing SMR drives in their NAS line. Seagate’s offerings are comparable in both price and capability from my experience, although I do hate their drive registration/RMA site.

I’ve just had bad experiences with Seagate failures. I’ve never used their Ironwolf line however.

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Seagate definitely had some rough years a while back, but they’ve been solid for me recently. I’ve been using them since HGST was swallowed by WD.

OK I’ll give them a try. thanks!

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Great. I haven’t checked in a while, but depending on your Synology model, Ironwolf may not be on the compatibility list, but Ironwolf Pro should be. What that’s based on, I have no idea. The main difference between the two seems to be the warranty.

I looked at the ST6000VN001. It’s on Synology’s compatibility list.

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