Where to have UniFi controller

Hi. First time here.

Bought an 8 port UniFi switch the other week and then the AP AC_LR access point. I installed the windows version of the controller software on my laptop. I now purchased another 8 port and a 24 port switch for my home network. My current main network is flat (single subnet) an will be dividing it up into VLANs very soon.

Have installed the UniFi controller software on one of my QNAP NASes as well, but have not done the initial setup yet. My NAS storage will be on a different VLAN then my trusted computers. Question is, will the UniFi Controller software be able to see my switches and access points? Just uncertain about the path from the controller software to the managed devices. I should also maybe mention that the VLANs all come from my netgate SG-2440 running pfSense.



As long as there are not rules preventing traffic from going between the subnets you shouldn’t have an issue. There is a possibility you may need to manually set the inform on the devices if they’re on a different subnet. If you just export the site from controller A to controller B, all your devices will already be there.

I have a unifi cloud key, but I don’t think that matters. I recently changed the controller to a management VLAN but also changed the IP addresses of all the unifi switches/AP’s to be also on the same management VLAN. I can tell you during the transition the controller did not lose track or was not unable to find any of the devices. The firewall rules on pfsense (located on main LAN) between LAN<–>Management however permitted all two way traffic. I’ve yet to actually restrict this traffic between the two networks. If you do start limiting traffic, make sure you do a search and determine what ports need to be open between the networks. There is a list of ports on the unifi website, however you might not/need all of them open.

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

Thanks , I appreciate it. The UniFi stuff is really slick. It will be replacing my Cisco SG200 and SG300 switches.