Where to find a local IT shop like Lawrence Systems?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how you track down a local shop like Lawrence Systems? We have plenty of larger VARs in town that advertise and they’ll do support on a subscription basis based on equipment and users. The one I’ve gotten a quote from of course knows nothing about pfSense firewalls (would like to replace those), knows nothing about FreePBX and would recommend replacing that, doesn’t think our Intel NUC desktop PCs are enterprise grade… you get the picture.

I’d like to disappear into Nova Scotia for a week with no tech… but to do that I need a local shop that is sufficiently nerdy. Selling me Sonicwalls and HP or Dell equipment because that’s the company line won’t do.

This is in the Rochester NY metro area if anyone has any leads.

But I’d appreciate a clue as to how I hunt down those smaller firms that aren’t out beating their chests at every business expo.


I saw you’re in Rochester, NY. I would suggest taking over the Rochester Spicecorp and having a meeting for FreePBX and see who shows up. Then do the same for PFsense. Dustin from the group ( DustinB3403 might know some Linux guys if he’s still active on Spiceworks. If not ping him on MangoLassi.it

I’m an hour away from Rochester, but don’t do enough linux stuff to be of much help and it doesn’t fit my business model.