Wher to test DR recovery test? Inside customer premises or offsite? Best Practice

Good afternoon mates.

As some of you may know I’ll be testing SolarWinds Backup services. My current offering includes periodical DR testing that we recommended but the client has an IT consultant that may decide what to do.

My question goes to where to do the DR recovery tests? To customers servers on weekends or to offsite premises like our MSP Infrastructure or some Cloud Provider. (they already have ADSync with Azure).

I’d love to have the community insights.

Thank you all and have a great weekend.



N-Able offers the testing in their site Recovery Testing

But you could test to a sever that you have as well but make sure it does not have an internet connection so the test server can’t call out.

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Tks @LTS_Tom.

I’m going to use the trial. Thx for the tip. I was just gathering an environment similar to my clients’ so I could test it as close as possible to reality.