When to move away from udm pro?

We’re having many issues with our udm pro and are considering moving away from it. What are things to consider when moving away from an aio solution like udm products? Would a usg be a good product to look towards or should we be looking at sonicwall or pfsense?

We have 62 unifi devices ( 5 switches and 57 APs)

I think most people like myself on this forum would be pfsense driven and like me would recommend pfsense. I think we would need to know more about what you are using your UDM pro for and see what what would be a good fit for all the features sets you require.

For us pfsense is our go to firewall for most projects.

We currently use the udm pro and only its network application. We also authenticate with a radius server, but otherwise no other features.

In that case I would recommend pfsense. Tom has really good videos on how to use pfsense and use it with UniFi AP’s and switches.

Made the switch to pfSense for my business over 10 years ago and would highly recommend it for any firewall/router appliance. I personally would steer clear of Sonicwall for a myriad of reasons. Take a look at: Appliances for more information on an appliance that fits the specifications of your organization. The support team at Negate is incredible and they offer reasonable
pricing for support if needed.

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