What VPN should I use?

I’ve been doing some research for the past months to choose a good VPN, for what I’ved tracked down, expressVPN is the way to go. My mainly use for it is to use torrents, surf the web and that’s about it.
Tom recomends PIA (www.privateinternetaccess.com), at least that’s what it is in their website, what do you guys use and think?

Thanks for the patience in advance!

I’ve heard good things about PIA as well, but I don’t use it myself.
I use NordVPN, and I only use it to access certain blocked websites and Linux ISO torrents :wink:
And the download speeds are good enough, I usually get 2 - 10 MB/s if the source allows.
In the end its a question if you trust your VPN provider with the type of traffic you route through it.


Why? Wouldn’t that make a slower connection and a worse ping?

I use AirVPN, no issues with them for the last 5 years.

Have set up three openVPN clients in a gateway group this ensures their is always a VPN connection running.

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