What tool do you use to tone existing work?

Hey I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a toner for existing non-labeled jobs you are taking over? @LTS_Tom I Watched your video on youtube where you discussed the many tools you use, cable testers, etc, but you never mentioned a toner.

Fluke Toner

Sweet. Does it detect through the jacket? Can you determine the cable without removing the RJ45 jack from the switch?

It works best with the jacket removed

I have an ancient version 1 from the days before ethernet was really a common thing and it still works:

I also have an old Byte Brothers Real World certifier that works fine :

I also recently bought a Platinum Tools Net Prowler that works fine, though I want to buy one of their receivers to go with the kit. The old Hound is a little sensitive to noise.


I bought the kit with the 20 ethernet ID and 20 coax ID units (I have a ton of video cables throughout the facility). So far this works well for many tasks.

In short, most of these toners work OK, and at some point will also drive you mad. With shielded cable all bets are off if the shielding is really doing it’s job.