What Software Runs Your IT Company?


Ill start!

Documentation - Bookstack
Accounting - Akaunting
Invoicing - Akaunting
Remote Desktop - meshcentral
Virtualization - Proxmox
WebHosting / Email / DNS - Currently VestaCP we will be migrating to hestiacp when ready
Cloud Solution - Nextcloud
Firewall - pfSense

All the software is opensource.
We are currently building an in-house solution to replace our current invoicing, accounting and documentation system. If you want to follow on github https://github https://github.com/johnnyq/pittpc_crm
its no where near ready but we welcome feedback


Documentation - Autotask
Accounting - QuickBooks
Invoicing - Autotask
Virtualization - Hyper-V
Email - Exchange
Cloud solution - pfft why do we need that
Firewall - USG

Save me…


PSA - ConnectWise Manage
RMM - SolarWinds NCentral
(also still use ScreenConnect even though NCentral remote control works pretty well now)
Invoicing - QuickBooks online
Email - o365 (part of MS Action Pack)
Documentation - sharePoint online