What Software Runs Your IT Company?

Ill start!

Documentation - Bookstack
Accounting - Akaunting
Invoicing - Akaunting
Remote Desktop - meshcentral
Virtualization - Proxmox
WebHosting / Email / DNS - Currently VestaCP we will be migrating to hestiacp when ready
Cloud Solution - Nextcloud
Firewall - pfSense

All the software is opensource.
We are currently building an in-house solution to replace our current invoicing, accounting and documentation system. If you want to follow on github https://github https://github.com/johnnyq/pittpc_crm
its no where near ready but we welcome feedback

Documentation - Autotask
Accounting - QuickBooks
Invoicing - Autotask
Virtualization - Hyper-V
Email - Exchange
Cloud solution - pfft why do we need that
Firewall - USG

Save me…

PSA - ConnectWise Manage
RMM - SolarWinds NCentral
(also still use ScreenConnect even though NCentral remote control works pretty well now)
Invoicing - QuickBooks online
Email - o365 (part of MS Action Pack)
Documentation - sharePoint online

Hey @johnny just checking to find out more about ITFlow. Based on the demo, it seems pretty well along!

I’m currently looking for a new PSA and want to leave Syncro. Is ITFlow ready for production use? It’s hard for me to tell based on the GitHub page. Are you using ITFlow as the PSA for PittPC? Thank you!