What Quad Port Nic Should i buy for pfsense

Hello guys i have my own pfsense build which consist of Hp desktop, but the only caveat is that it only has a single intel ethernet card, so i bought some realtek cards, two to be specific. They worked fine for about 3months and then all of a sudden, they freeze. So everytime they freeze i have to VPN and restart the machine. What would be your recommendation for a quad port intel card, since when i check on ebay i find a variety (ET, PT, VM, I340-T4 and 1350-T4)

Tom had a recent video that covered this very topic. Link with time offset to network card part
Custom pfsense Router Build: Choosing a Supported Network Card and ZFS

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Realktek is never a good idea with pfsense, freebds (were pfense is build one) has always issue with realtek cards. I always recommend intel network cards.

On the documentation page there is an list of “recommend” hardware

On ebay you can always find some Intel PRO network cards.