What performance can I expect from a Dell R420?

My ISP is going to roll out 10gb in our area sometime in this year and I am thinking about upgrading my current i7 3770 pfsense router to a Dell R420 with a Xeon E5-2430 V2 and 8 Gb of ram. Is this server enough for 10Gb/s routing, basic firewall setup and about 2-3Gb/s of Wireguard VPN trafic?

Link for the product: Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R420 Intel Xeon 6Core E5-2430v2 2
If you can recommend something better in around the same price point I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for you answer.

In need be, you can get up to 10 cores in three different models of 2400 series processor, plus I’m sure there are available slots for the ECC RAM. I haven’t done anything with 10GB internet so I’m not certain, but my little Atom C2758 does 1gb just fine. I would definitely make sure the 10gb card has the ability to offload as much as possible.

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