What OS do you use?

I am interested to see what OS people use on their home systems.

I currently have a server running Ubuntu 16.04 which I’m looking to change to FreeNAS.

I have a gaming desktop with Windows 10.

And a Laptop that is currently running Windows 10 but am in the process of changing to Debian.

Pop_OS! on my home laptop (no desktop at home). My kids have gaming computers that run Windows and my wife just uses a ChromeBook to work from home or play her clicker games.

I have two Lenovo ThinkPads I use for my home office, which both run Ubuntu MATE 18.04. I also have a refurbished Dell Optiplex running Windows 10, although I sometimes use an Ubuntu MATE VM on it to get work done.

I have pop_os on both my laptop and desktop

I have a machine running FreeNas another has esxi, pfsense, and Ubuntu server for plex

And small pile of VMs

I Using Windows 10 maily on my Desktop, Becuse Games and Streaming. it does have the option toi dual boot Fedora 29 with cinnamon DE.

One Laptop Runs elementary OS

My NAS Runs Rockstor, Sever is XCP-NG with NFS mounts.

Most of my VMs are Fedora Server 29 or Ubuntu Server (PV).

I use macOS Mojave 10.14.2 on my MacBook Pro that I use for work. I also use a virtual Windows 10 Pro with Parallels Desktop on it.

At home I have a Windows 10 PC for gaming and heavier workloads.

On my Dell R710 I use an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V but I guess I will switch to XCP-NG. There are several vitual machines mostly running Linux on it.

Every system except 1 laptop running Win 7 runs Linux or FreeNAS and one pfSense. Servers on VMware. Linux has served me well since '97 and have used many distros. The current distros in use Linux Mint desk top and laptops, Peach Netbook Edition on an Acer netbook servers Ubuntu & 1 Centos. I also like Elementary and Qubes OS but not in use. TAILS and TENS on thumb drives.

My laptop is running Ubuntu 18.10, servers are running 18.04 and 16.04.

Pop_OS! Here. On my Laptop and my Desktop.
I really enjoy system76’s implementation of this Ubuntu Spin.
It suits my workflow very well.

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