What options to set for vlans in OPNSense and UniFi switches

I have trouble understanding what e.g. rules I need to set for a vlan I created so it can e.g. access the internet.

I think I have setupped them correctly, because the UniFi switces give the right IPs for the devices from the configured range.

I have alredy setuped DHCP for the vlan interfaces and gave them a static ipv4 IP in OPNSense.
I have also added the network on the UniFi switces.
Also do I need to change something on the modem?

The modem is a Teltonika TRB500, the OPNSense Router is a DIY build and the switces are Switch Lite 8 POE and Aggregation

I can send screenshots If needed.

Thanks in advance.

  • jh-devv

I don’t use Opensense but I do have a video on “How To Setup VLANs With pfsense & UniFi” that might help.

Thank you Tom :smiley:! I will try that when I can tomorrow!

Sorry for the late response, but I will try the rules the ones shown in the video when I can
Also @Jameswalter do you have a screenshots of the rules you mentioned?

I can’t test the rules yet because I’m not at home, but soon

Got the vlans working, followed the tutorial! Thank you!