What is your must have in your IT managed stack?

I know there are variety of RMM tools and many opinions on why you choose one or the other, but outside of that, what are the must have modules you deem necessary for your clients. EDR,DNS filtering, Managed SOC, Backup, etc. Just curious on how others / MSP’s view what is critical for helping secure their clients.

Also, for SMB that may be limited on $$ and cant afford or don’t want to adhere to your recommendations on the tools you are recommending to best secure their business, do you comprise and give them the minimum coverage or politely suggest they may not be a good fit? If a client does not want to spend on a good security stack but still wants RMM, Basic AV, Backup services, etc, do you have them sign a waiver of non liability of the MSP if they get compromised since they failed to ignore your suggestions?


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If they can not at least afford SentienelOne, Huntress, NinjaOne then they are going to be just a break fix client.

If they want to cheap out then I would not take them on as a customer. Some customers are not worth the hassle.

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Cyberdrain. CIPP is a godsend

Clients are considered break-fix and billed only for hourly services unless:

We deploy RMM agent on ALL work stations… but our RMM (Ninja) comes at a monthly cost of $50/mo.
The RMM will handle patches, deploy AV/web filtering, and backup.

I require this because it can keep them, safe and prevent much of the avoidable tickets.

I do use a waiver, usually its for a client that wont spend on a new firewall when the old one is end of life.
I used to make deals for discounting my RMM only teir by removing backup (the biggest cost on my end.) The piecemeal pricing became an issue on my end so I did away with it.

Learning to talk to the client helps a lot on this topic… many want to cheap out “because its running fine”
its true… and my car runs fine with fresh oil, it runs fine with 3/5/10k miles on the oil… so maybe we spend a bit on maintenance, but if I want it to last for years you will pay for ALL Maintenace

Thanks for all of the feedback. Greatly appreciated.