What is your IT Stack

Hello everyone just trying to get an idea of what stack my peers are using. I am growing and want a solid foundation of backend products. I did the MSP offering for a couple clients while working full time with Invoice Ninja, N-Able RMM w/backup. Now I have added Connect Wise Control as well.

I am thinking of changing to Artera due to PSM directly integrated and dropping N-Able RMM. :thinking:

Halo PSA is intriguing as well. Just want to see what others are using. I don’t want to get rid of Invoice ninja though I have it very tailored to my needs.

I have a thread on that topic here:

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Agreed I was leaning more towards your community. You are the most watched item on my TV. My kids may either hug you or kick you if they ever cross your path lol. Thanks for reply T!!