What is TrueNAS Scale and how does it compare to TrueNAS Core?


Thank you Tom, excellent explanation.

What do you think? For a few years now I am hearing that *bsd support is dwindling. While I do recognize linux supports continues to grow, I don’t think it will kill off *bsd completely. I remember the days when Yahoo (when they were big) developed in bsd and then deployed in linux. Even Hotmail ran FreeBSD before ms acquired it. Is it possible that the future will be a truenas based on debian? it might take a while to get the stability currently found in bsd?

I even remember using the bsd desktop for a bit - for testing only but it seemed to lack support .

I am guessing is an approach of don’t put all your eggs in one basket and just in case *bsd does suffer reduction in support from developers, etc.

just a thought .

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