What is the best way to backup Hyper-V?

I have a server with 2 Hyper-V VMs. I use SolarWinds backup to backup the system state and files/folders. The SolarWinds rep said that that was better than backing up the HyperV image. He said I can just restore by using the Retore to Hyper V option.
I also have a synology nas for backups.
Am I better off using the synology to backup the entire VM using Hyper backup? It seems better since the synology is gliding the heavy lifting.

We use Solarwinds Backup for many of our clients, but the Synology backup works well too.

When using SolarWinds should I backup files/folders and system state. Then restore using their hyperV restore option?

Or use their Hyper-v backup option?

SolarWinds told me the former was better.

Best or Better are strange terms. Backing up the whole machine is generally an easier restore because you bring up hyperV then restore the VM to it. Anything else requires some form of effort from you before restoring the machine.

My logic is to have a robust description / walk through / how to describing how to rebuild the servers and then backup the information required to get that system back to current. I find it much more convenient than, for example, trying to get whole disk images offsite.

Whatever you do needs to work for you and your setup though.

Well, I just found out that Synology Hyper-V backup wont work on Server 2012. So that’s out.
I’m left with Solarwinds or just Windows Backup. I’m already using solarwinds to backup the file level of the child VMs. I suppose I’ll add hyper-v to the solarwinds backup. Only problem is I’ll be charged for more data.

Late response here but I was actually on the Solarwinds backup webinars last week and I asked some questions about the “system state” and hyperV backups.

The suggestion was that system state gets “everything you need to recover the system” but that you also need a full file system backup to go with it. But the system state is quite large so it must be backing up some of the file system already (not just the Disk layout and boot / uefi partitions). So there is clearly (IMHO) going to be a lot of duplication there. However…

Backing up system state and filesystem is going to be less data than the whole vm (via hyperv backup) and filesystem so if you are willing to take the hit of needing to rebuild your hyperV server and re-create the VM then boot the bare metal recovery media.

Also worth looking at (if you are not already) the option to use a speed vault as it will massively speed up your backup and more importantly your restore times. It doesn’t cost you any less but it helps get back up and running in the event of a catastrophic failure.