What is the best alternative for Google photos?

How everyone store and organize photos? With personal NAS storage or any other cloud storage?

I use onedrive for easily backing up. Mainly because I get 1TB there because of Office 365 or I guess Microsoft 365 now? :smile:
I then download that folder and save to a folder on my NAS. I organize by device. I find I remember what I used better to find old photos.

Also I will make a separate folder for like vacation photos or other significant events.

I have been trying to find something for this. I share a lot of my photos publicly and I am currently using flickr for it. I like how I can caption the photos as well as share the EXIF data (which usually includes GPS coordinates). Flickr seems to be teetering on the edge of not being able to make a go of it based on the emails they’ve been sending out lately so I’ve been trying to find a replacement and I’ve not had much luck. I stood up a pwigio instance and that didn’t check all the boxes. Next was Chevereto and that was better but it still doesn’t check all the boxes. Ended up paying for another year of flickrpro because I can’t find anything that does what they do.