What is OpenSwitch

Do I understand this correctly, this is an open source operating system for physical presence watches such as a ProCurve 2910-la? (It would be good for the current software are old and difficult to work with)

OpenSwitch install

if it is true, has anyone tried this?

From my understanding, OpenSwitch is a platform for SDN, or software defined networking. I am far from being an expert in SDN, but have a basic understanding of it from networking courses. SDN is a very interesting concept that is starting to emerge, especially in the enterprise network. If you aren’t very familiar with it, do some research on SDN.

Simply, it takes the routing functionality off of the physical hardware, leaving the infrastructure or data plane layer. The control plane layer is what does all the routing decision making and provides the network services. The hardware is interfaced to the control plane. Above that, there is the application layer which provides network applications.

From my understanding, OpenSwitch is an open-source SDN controller. I just thought I’d give you some insight into it from what I know. The ProCurve would have to be capable with OpenFlow or other SDN protocols to properly communicate with the OpenSwitch controller.