What happens with license Win10 if I chagne cpus in xcpng

So I went on to load xcpng on to a core i7-4770 to see how it goes. I want to install a windows 7 machine and then upgrade it if i can to Windows 10. I like to allocate 4 virtual CPUs to it but I am curious if anyone has had experience dealing with making it 2 vCPUs later on and not 4, does windows update still work then? does it need to be activated again? what if it is the other way, from 2 vCPUs to 4… can it be done? is there a limit of times it can be done?

If I can’t change it then I will create the VM again with a different number of virtual CPUs

thanks in advance to anyone for the help.



In general Windows 10 licensing is tied to the motherboard and/or interfaces - although some people say replacing both the CPU and GPU at the same time kicks off the license. Changing the number of vCPUs and memory should not be an issue.

thanks, I hope you are right. I installed it and activated it and I will see if i can change the cps without affecting it