What happen to DNSThingy?

From 6 bucks a month to 8 and now a 150 setup? Are there any other supported DNS filtering system for a small business? Yes I am aware of pfBlocker. Looking for a web managed solution.

I have not used it, but there is also these people https://www.dnsfilter.com/pricing/

Tom - thanks for the quick reply. I had heard of them, but reached out to them after your comment. They did get back to me today and this is what they stated:

They have a 20.00 minimum a month fee. I let them know I had a 3 person office full time and about 15 service folks that would be in the office about an hour a day. They said the 20.00 a month would work just fine.

I still find that a little high for what is actually needed for this company. 240 a year? Maybe pfBlocker is the best way to go. I have just had some issues with some of the free block lists.

Thanks again and I really do appreciate you and your time in these forums and the youtube videos.