What do you use for internal KB / Wiki?

Hello! Hope all is going well!
What do you use for internal KB or Wiki?

Mediawiki is easy to use but it’s hellish to upgrade and addons look like the work of the devil. Xwiki is something I like the look of but need to do the homework on it first.

Hey, I like the Xwiki, it looks really awesome! I’ll have to install it and see how it works. Once I am done do you want to check it out with me?

I’ve kinda had a look, seems easier to install in a container but prefer it on a host, though I have the headache of migrating from Mediawiki … then it’s a case of inspecting the backup and restore process … need to apply some elbow grease on this one I fear… have a long to do list this isn’t too high up

Unless I am just unable to find it, Xwiki does not have a 2FA option unless you are using a third party authentication that does have it. https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Authentication/

I did some research a couple of years ago and came up with docuwiki. I’ve used it at a couple of sites and it works fairly well. Never really worked out how best to drawings and org charts in it though.

It’s something I want to research again as I don’t use anything internally and think I should.

MediaWiki with VisualEditor + 2FA or SSO login. Works amazing.

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