What can I do with an Ipad2 stuck on ios 9?

Currently I have an ipad2 which won’t upgrade to ios 10 and YouTube constantly nags to be updated but requires ios10 so I’m caught in a vicious circle. I only use it to watch YouTube on the app, when I use it with either chrome or safari eventually it crashes.

Does anyone have any good ideas how i can re-purpose my ipad to basically watch YouTube (do have proxmox setup and several raspberry pis lying around), was considering remoting into a virtual machine however I suspect the touch controls won’t be good. I’m tempted to just buy a cheap Chinese android tablet but I thought I’d give it a last chance.

Cheap Android tablet. I’ve used PiPo and Teclast, only warning is that once you get them, they will not be updated! If you can get a holiday sale on a name brand tablet, you might be better off.

Downside, sometimes these cheap tablets are left in a developer state that makes them look like they are rooted. Netflix, Vudu, etc. may not work due to this issue and I’ve gotten no help from those services in getting it to work. Going to be much more careful with my next tablet purchase to make certain these apps will work.

The fix for the above might be to find a flash for basic AOSP and push it over. Haven’t gotten there yet.

Ah ok hadn’t read those points on a cheap tablet … Have also considered flashing but I fear bricking it as I haven’t found too many solutions guaranteed to work.