What are you monitoring?

I work for an MSP in Europe and am in charge of pretty much everything technical.

We had a conversation the other day which could be added to what we are currently monitoring.

We had ideas like active SIP trunk connection (status, quality) and log monitoring of SIP trunks at phone systems, Windows account creation (local, domain, group membership monitoring, open files (unusual patterns), processes accessing the webcam (anti-spy) etc.

What do you monitor with your customers?

Info: Some of the ideas above even come from customers

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Here is a good script for detecting account creation.

Check out the other posts on that blog, there’s some amazing stuff :ok_hand:

We monitor for DNS server changes as it’s often a sign of adware or worse.

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You need to look into zabbix. You can monitor pretty much anything you please. I use it for monitoring an entire data center and everything in between. SQL, windows server, Linux server, networking, network ports, SANs storage and so on. Needless to say if something breaks then I would know as soon as it happens. So ideas on what to monitor. Depends on the customers needs but I would think to monitor critical services running on said servers. I would monitor drive space on servers, CPU utilization, memory, UPS’s (if they kick on or not to monitor power loss), temperature And humidity in the server room and high and critical event logs.

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Agree. Zabbix or PTRG. Freshping is also nice for a free solution (50 free monitors) that comes through to Slack & looks pretty for the client.

I use Freshping to monitor:
Static WAN IP
etc etc

I use PRTG to monitor: