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I’ve seen Tom use a StreamDeck on YouTube. Is this running with Linux? If so can you give me any pointers on how to set this up and if it works with Ubuntu.

I want to switch to Linux as a daily OS but this seems to be the only thing holding me back, want something I can use with OBS studio running on the Linux box.

I posted a link to an open sourced hardware/software controller in here a few months ago… It might do what you want.

After that, I can’t help much. beyond saying that since OBS has all kind of shortcuts that can be programmed, you could use an X-Keys device.

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All though this exists https://github.com/abcminiuser/python-elgato-streamdeck I still run OBS & the Streamdeck on a Windows system because that is where it works the best.

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Thanks for quick reply.

Yeah seen a few hack around :slight_smile:

Updated this thread, the Arduinodeck looks interested and I may end up building one to use at work. The Stream Pi says it works on Linux and uses the websocket hooks in OBS.