Weird pfSense multi WAN problem

Hi all

Was wondering if anyone had some ideas on troubleshooting a weird issue I have at one of my client sites.

I have a Netgate 6100, with 3 WAN connections coming in. The primary line is a 500mbit line and the other two are legacy ADSL lines of 70mbit, these are all loaded in to a tiered setup of gateways so that if tier 1 (500) line drops then the others come in tier by tier.

Issue is that the primary line isn’t too stable at the moment and the modem freezes every now and then. Nothing attached to that line like VPN or internet works, but pfSense doesn’t kick over to the next tier until you power off the primary links modem?

This kinda defeats the object of having the 3 lines

Any suggestions as I’ve done the basics like seeing if the monitor IP is reachable etc and it’s not, no outbound internet or inbound on that connection and yet the Netgate box doesn’t react until the port physically drops

Thanks in advance

I’m asking this as the entire site just went down whilst I’m on a beach in Spain lol

Make sue you have all the proper settings as often when people hire us for consulting issues like this we find they changed the default behavior. If all settings are correct then look through and see about fine tuning the latency & Packer loss thresholds.

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