Weird LAN/WAN problem using Protectli boxes in the field

I have several Protectli boxes running pfSense and Untangle out in the field. Every time that there is an internet outage or the public IP changes the Protectli box needs to be rebooted. Any ideas on why this is, or if I can configure this to be done automatically?

3 of the boxes are FW4 and 1 is FW2

I have not had that issue and we have a mix of Protectli and Netgate boxes out there.

Do they need to be rebooted because they are frozen or are they just powered off?? If powered off, there is a bios setting that will tell the Protectli box to resume the last state after power outage…ie-turn back on. There are directions on the Protectli site on where to find the setting.

Slightly offtopic, has anyone tried those qotom boxes ? I just ordered one of those to replace my VM based pfsense installation. Mainly so incase of an issue, the office can handle restarts etc themselves.

@satisha Mine is a Qotom with an i5-4200U CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and four NICs. I disabled the included 32 GB SSD and installed a 500 GB Samsung 860 Evo.

Any issues? Over heating? Etc… ?

I haven’t had any issues. These temps are typical:


Here are some other stats:

Great… thanks, that helps my confidence in my purchase

We have a few of the Qotom boxes out in the field, they have held up well.