WebServer/Hosting Farm Bandwidth

I’ve been out of the IT world for some time and have forgotten a lot of things.

I’m designing a web hosting service for a non-profit organization. From what I can remember there was/is a formula used to calculate how much bandwidth is required, and I can’t seem to find the book I had that it’s in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As a side question, how many websites/web addresses can you attach to a single static IP address before you have issues?

Thanks in advance,

Don’t take it the wrong way, but if you are not that familiar setting up and securing web services it’s not a good idea to host them. Web hosting is very inexpensive, in the $10 per month range including them taking care of the updates to the web server.

The answer to your question is one IP can have many web sites the rest is really based on how much traffic is coming to the site.

Thank you for your suggestion, but at an average yearly cost of $200, with 1250 websites it adds up. I also have only started looking into this as a potential solution, and I’m pricing it out.

Now if I can find a web hosting service based in Canada that will charge $10/month for 1 domain with “unlimited” subdomains, and “unlimited” storage, then I will do that. I also have to replicate this for a total of 5 domains.

Thanks in advance.